Printer Colour A3 OKI Pro9431dn Executive Series Colour Printer 45530407


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Printer Colour A3 OKI Pro9431dn Executive Series Colour Printer 45530407

Mfr Part Code 45530407

Printer Colour A3 OKI Pro9431dn Executive Series Colour Printer 45530407 for sale Crawley West Sussex and Surrey

Description Consumables OKI Pro9431  For all inquiries call  01293 537827 


Removing the need for two printers, and built to offer the essential levels of high quality output needed for both graphic arts and general office use. This four colour CMYK printer has reducing operating costs through ultra high capacity toner cartridges. It handles a wide range of paper stock up to 360gsm, including gloss paper, film, transfer paper and more. This enables us to target small production, proofing and contract print business. Higher paper capacity (max. 2,950 sheets) than competing products and a fast 50ppm for colour and mono A4.

    Number of users: 1 - 30
    A4 Print speed: 50/50ppm colour/mono
    A4 Scan speed: N/A
    Print resolution: 1200 x 1200dpi, ProQ4800 Multi-level technology
    Scan resolution: N/A
    Monthly print volume: 25,000 pages
    Maximum paper capacity: 2,950 sheets of 80gsm



    A3+, A3, A4+, A4, A5, A6; Custom size up to 1321mm and weights up to 360gsm, Gloss paper, film, transfer paper, waterproof paper and more

    Cost per copy: Mono 0.31p - Colour 1.37p
    Brochure: PDF Brochure

    Supplies, Consumables:

    Consumables OKI Pro9431 Toners, Drums, Fusers and Transfer Belts




    Accessory OKI Pro9431 Additional 530 Sheet Paper Tray - 45530703


    OKI Pro9431 Additional 530 Sheet Paper Tray - 45530703

      Accessory OKI Pro9431 Caster Base and Tray - 45530903

      OKI Pro9431 Caster Base and Tray - 45530903

      Accessory OKI Pro9431 HCF (High Capacity Feeder) - 45530803

       OKI Pro9431 HCF (High Capacity Feeder) - 45530803

      Accessory OKI Pro9431 Cabinet - 45980001


      OKI Pro9431 Cabinet - 45980001


      Accessory OKI Pro9431 Banner Paper Tray - 45531003

       OKI Pro9431 Banner Paper Tray - 45531003

      Accessory OKI Pro9431 Hard Drive - 44622302

      OKI Pro9431 Hard Drive - 44622302


      Print quality that is brilliant by design…

      ... a breakthrough in digital printing technology that goes beyond four colours

      Leading the world in the innovation of LED technology, OKI has taken digital printing to a new level with the Pro9000 Series. These printers are specifically designed for the graphic arts market offering outstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of ownership and complete media flexibility. And, OKI takes graphic arts printing one step further with the Pro9541dn and Pro9542dn. These A3 digital LED printers offer the unique option of printing with a fifth colour. You can now print on demand, the full range of process colours, with the addition of a fifth spot colour in either white or clear gloss.

      Complete flexibility with a significantly reduced total cost of ownership

      Using digital LED printing technology, the Pro9000 Series offers high definition colour printing of the highest quality, alongside superior media handling flexibility. This combined with speeds of up to 50ppm and an optional fifth spot colour*, make the Pro9000 Series ideal printers for creative businesses and reprographics studios. And, with cost effective high capacity consumables total cost of ownership is reduced. Furthermore with a highly competitive capital cost and improved energy efficiency, the Pro9000 Series cannot be beaten for cost effectiveness.

      Access a new lucrative revenue stream… on demand

      A true breakthrough in printing technology for the creative and graphics industries, the Pro9000 Series enables short run printing on a wide range of media, with a new vibrancy of colour and the option of printing white* or adding a clear toner to give a spot clear gloss** finish. Previously these processes could only be achieved through the use of expensive digital or lithographic printing equipment; now it is available to any creative business or reprographics studio…on demand. The revenue opportunities for your business are endless

      *Excluding Pro9431dn **Pro9541dn only

      Delivering printing and graphics excellence

      There are many reasons why the Pro9000 Series will change the way you think about print on demand. Here are a few examples that demonstrate why these outstanding devices re-invent digital printing for the creative and graphics industries.

      1. Stunning high definition colour

      The Pro9000 Series is built using OKI’s award winning digital LED technology that produces the sharpest and most vibrant print output available. This combined with our Multi-Level ProQ technology, enables you to have complete control over the quality of your printed materials

      2. Low total cost of ownership

      We understand the dynamics of the graphics and creative industries; the Pro9000 Series not only gives you the quality you need but also delivers significant cost savings against comparative printers. The combination of a highly competitive capital cost and ultra-high capacity toner cartridges, provides a considerably reduced total cost of ownership, essential where high coverage and quality is demanded.

      3. Speed that you can rely upon

      Many printers compromise quality of output and media handling capabilities for speed, but not the Pro9000 Series. These printers offer high print speeds of up to 50ppm without compromising on quality.

      4. Media flexibility to beat all others

      The Pro9000 Series beats the competition hands down when it comes to media flexibility. You can now print in-house on a complete range of media of weights of up to 360gsm single sided and 320gsm duplex, heavier than any comparable printer. Add to this media sizes from A6 to SRA3, and banners up to 1.3m, and you have the most versatile printers available in this price range, enabling you to print a variety of applications inhouse, on-demand, at a low cost.

      Unique digital LED printing – CMYK +1

      OKI has often introduced product innovations that have redefined the way we think about and use printers. From the first digital LED device to the smallest and most affordable A3 colour printer, we have led the market in delivering printers that meet the needs of our customers.

      Providing brilliant solutions to old problems

      The Pro9541dn and Pro9542dn are affordable, unique high definition colour printers that enable you to print the full range of process colours using CMYK and also offer an additional fifth spot colour in either white or clear gloss or solid white on a coloured background.

      Media flexibility beyond expectations

      Challenge: Printing on heavy media

      Printing on non-standard and heavy stock with a digital printer often leads to toner not fusing with the media. This can result in print quality issues and wastage. The alternative is to use traditional litho printing which is often a lengthy and expensive process for short print runs.


      Thanks to its single-pass flat paper path technology and built-in automatic media calibration, the Pro9000 Series prints the highest digital print quality. And with the flexibility to handle media of up to 360gsm on A6 or SRA3 or banners of up to 1.3m you can now print promotional merchandise, packaging proofs and marketing brochures, on-demand, in-house.

      Print in all colours – including white


      Printing solid, crisp white on a range of backgrounds and media has always been a challenge in the print industry. Traditionally printing white text or graphics has been limited to either using white media or the costly and lengthy process of screen printing.


      The Pro9541dn and Pro9542dn provide the ability to print white, in addition to CMYK, enabling cost effective short run printing on coloured or transparent stock, providing a new vibrancy and definition of colour. Imagine; you can now reproduce stunning colours on darker media by printing a white background and then overlaying your colour design. Or, create impactful window graphics on clear vinyl through the same process.

      A stunning finish – spot clear gloss on demand


      Printing spot clear gloss to draw attention to particular elements of a design adding a new vibrancy to colour, creating an instant visual impact, has traditionally been restricted to costly, intricate and lengthy processes with the expense far outweighing the benefits.


      Just imagine the opportunities that being able to apply a clear gloss finish to your short run printing can offer. The Pro9541dn offers an affordable way to add that extra gloss to your print designs. As a fifth colour option you can print in four colours and then add a spot clear gloss finish in one pass, fast and on an extensive range of media up to 360gsm. Take your printing to the next level with affordable clear gloss toner. Imagine highlighting point of sale imagery, business cards, leaflets and more with a spot clear gloss that gives depth and definition.




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