Service Printer and Multi-Function Printer Installation Service

Service Printer and Multi-Function Printer Installation Service

Digital Office Solutions

  • £90.00 + vat

Product Description

OKI Printer accessory, additional 530 Sheet Paper Tray 44575714

Mfr Part Code 44575714

Trading Standards approved On-site Printer and Multi Function Installation Service in West Sussex and Surrey

  • Deliver Printer
  • Install wireless Printers
  • Install network Printers
  • Install Multi-Function Printers
  • Set up scan to e-mail
  • Set up scan to Network Folder
  • Includes call out fee to sites within a 20 mile radius of Crawley
  • Includes 2 Hours on site labour.
  • Additional time will be charged at £45.00 per hour.

Installation £45/Hr

We will undertake installation of the machine configuring the machine via:-

Network Printing

Network Printing to a OKI Network TCP/IP port using the correct OKI PCL5 Driver.

We will install the drivers to your requirements but usually suggest that it be installed twice:-

  1. Black & White
  2. Colour

The default being black and white print only. The second being a colour driver, in this way if a document is printed without thinking it is only printed in black and white, to print in colour the user will need to select the OKI Colour driver.

The machine by default will check paper sizes:-

Example If you receive an email from America the email will have been created on a PC with a default paper size being Letter  (216 x 279mm) when you try and print the document the printer will ask you to install Letter size paper.

If we install the machine we will set the driver to resize all documents to A4 and not check paper sizes, reducing baffling occurrences of the machine refusing to print.

Network Scanning

We will configure the printer by default to convert documents to PDF format and email them to a default email address, the machine holds an additional 120 email addresses within its memory this can be useful for sending information to remote users smart phones. The service is set up using our email server.

A small network of 5-6 PC's will require approx 2 hours to install.

Please note you can install the machine yourselves or employ an  IT company to install the machine for you.

But in our experience especially with Windows 10 this can lead to all sorts of strange and erratic behaviour when printing. Windows will usually always install the machine on a virtual WDS Port leading to print delays and print jobs failing. Always configure the machine using a standard TCP/IP Port with the correct OKI Driver (PCL5).

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