Developer Kit Yellow DV-214Y, DV-311Y, DV-313Y, DV-512Y, DV-619Y


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Developer Magenta Refurb Kit DV-214Y, DV-311Y, DV-313Y, DV-512Y, DV-619Y for sale Crawley West Sussex and Surrey, Nationwide next day delivery

Konica Minolta Part Number:- DV-214Y, DV-311Y, DV-313Y, DV-512Y, DV-619Y

Developer Unit refurb Kit 600,000 pages


  • Yellow Developer Powder
  • Yellow Developer Unit Reset Chip

Packaged for use in Konica Minolta

Compatible Models:- 

The Developer powder regulates the supply of toner to the electrostatic drum unit

The Developer unit is a box containing the ferrous, rugby ball shaped developer granules. Within the Developer box are two augers that constantly agitate the developer toner mix, these augers create a positive static charge in the Developer granules? The positively charged developer granules then intern attract negatively charged toner particles to them.

Within the Developer Unit is the Developer Roller, which is a steel sleeve that rotates around a magnet array which creates the developer brush. The amount of Developer on the Developer Roller is regulated by a Doctor Blade.

As the Toner coated Developer granules rotate on the Developer Roller they pass an Induction Coil (magnets passing a coil will induce an electric current in a coil) This coil regulates the Developer / Toner mix, as Toner is used in the print process so the Developer granules move closer together. This induces a higher voltage in the coil and the Printer knows to add more Toner, The Toner motor turns to add Toner to the Developer Mix, when the correct voltage is again induced in the coil so the Toner Motor turns off.

The Developer Granules gradually wear with use, as they wear they become more circular then oval, when the Developer granules form the brush they stand on end and brush against the Electrostatic Drum. Worn circular Developer granules will not stand as tall as new Developer granules so a air gap forms between the Drum and the Developer and print quality starts to deteriorate accordingly. The internal components do wear due to the abrasive ferrous Developer granules getting in to bearing surfaces. This is especially true if Developer is not changed at the correct maintenance intervals and the granules become smaller.

The Developer Box should be good for 2-3 million prints if the Developer Powder is changed every 600,000 prints. This kit comprises of replacement Developer Powder and a replacement Developer Chip to let the Printer Know new Developer has been fitted. 

With this kit the Printer will function as well as a new Developer Unit a fraction of the cost.

NOTE:- This item will need to be fitted by a competent enginer familiar with the Develop product, we can fit this item for you if you are in the Southeast of England.

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