All Inclusive MFP, Printer Rental / Maintenance Package

Includes equipment rental, Toner, All Parts and On Site Labour Crawley West Sussex, Kent and Surrey

Qualifying Products

Scenario:- Example Ltd

Mr Brown of Example ltd currently has a HP LaserJet Pro M477fnw, he's buying toner cartridges every 5 weeks at a cost of £466.71 + vat.

Mr Brown has calculated that he produces 4000 colour prints per month and 2000 black.

His current machines running costs seem excessive is there an alternative!

And of course his current running costs do not cover any spare parts or replacement fusers and transfer belts or expensive labour costs in the future!

What would you do in Mr Browns shoes?

HP LaserJet Pro M477fnw DOS OKI MC861cdtn
  • The HP LaserJet Pro M477fnw high volume toner cartridges produce 5000 images per cartridge the cartridge's cost £466.71 + vat, his monthly estimate of 4000 images equates to 80% of the cartridge cost £373.37 + vat per month on toner
  • Repair costs ?
  • Replacement parts cost ?
  • Thats £4480.44 per year
  • Thats £13441.32 over 3 years

3 year toner costs


Of course Mr Brown could be a gambling man and buy compatible cartridges, when they become available and hope to save money.

Which he can the put against his increased maintenance charges.


  • 4000 colour prints per month, 4000 colour prints cost £170.17 + vat
  • 2000 mono prints per month , 2000 mono prints cost £26.62 + vat
  • The monthly equipment rental cost is £35.00 + vat
  • Total Monthly rental charge £231.79
  • Repair costs £0.00
  • Replacement parts cost £0.00
  • Thats £2781.48 per year
  • Thats £8344.44 over 3 years
3 year saving


Download our OKI MC851, MC861 All Inclusive rental / Maintenance calculator.

Click here to download our OKI MC851, MC861 All Inclusive rental / Maintenance calculator.

Quite simply:-

Choose a monthly colour volume, that suits your useage (don't worry about being to precise as we will invoice any excess copies quarterly at the colour excess cost per copy price).

Note:- The more accurate you are (just opting for 500 a month, is the most expensive option) with your estimation, then the cheaper your running costs will be.

Choose a monthly Mono Black volume, that suits your usage (excess copies will be invoiced quarterly at black excess cost per copy price).

Add the monthly rental charge and you have an accurate costing for printing costs for the next 3 years.

What you get for your monthly payment:-

  • The use of a fully refurbished MFP Printer for 36 months*
  • All toner required**
  • On site printer repairs, no call out fees***
  • Any spare parts required****
  • A free replacement machine should yours prove troublesome.
  • Pricing, as with buying Toners - prices increase, our prices will increase at a rate of 8% per annum, to cover increases in supplies, labour and travelling costs.

Qualifying Products

    *The minimum term of the rental is 36 months, cancellation of the rental will require a settlement payment commensurate with the number months remaining less a 40% discount for unused consumables. At the end of the term you may continue to rent the equipment on a month by month basis. The equipment remains the property of DOS.
    ** Toner to produce the prerequisite number of prints designated by the manufacturer at 5% resolution. 
    ***Call out response times are dependent on nature of the call and urgency, calls requested as urgent will be dealt with ASAP (drop everything and get there ASAP), if it is found that clients keep requesting an urgent call, when for instance they have forgotten to re-order toner then we will no longer be able to prioritise their calls.
    ****We will cover any spare part that wares out within the printer, should one of your employees decide to vent there frustration on the printer then this is chargeable.