Cost Per Print Mono

How much will the printer cost to run?

  • Toner yields depend on the amount of print on each printed document.
  • The Printer industry measures toner yields, assuming 5% of the surface area of a sheet of A4 paper will be covered in print, see example opposite.
  • The page yield noted on a toner cartridge package are based on this ISO standard.
  • Industry research shows a coverage of 4% to 5% is the average for a black-and-white printed page.

The table below shows the running cost of toner, for a client who is producing 2,000 Black prints (equivalent to 4 reams of paper).  Column 5 shows the total cost of toner for the month. 

Description Product Type Mono cost per page Monthly Cost
Brother HL-1000 A4 Mono Printer 3.45p £69.00
Brother HL-L2340dw A4 Mono Printer 2.2p £44.00
Brother HL-L2360dn A4 Mono Printer 2.2p £44.00
OKI B401dn A4 Mono Printer 2.09p £41.80
OKI B412dn A4 Mono Printer 2.04p £40.80
Brother HL-L5000D A4 Mono Printer 1.85p £36.90
Brother HL-L5100DN A4 Mono Printer 1.85p £36.90
OKI B410dn A4 Mono Printer 1.58p £31.60
OKI MB472 A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 1.31p £26.36
Brother DCP-L5500DN A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 1.2p £24.00
Brother MFC-L5700DN A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 1.2p £24.00
OKI MB492 A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 1.04p £20.85
OKI ES4132dn A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 0.44p £8.80
OKI ES5162dnw A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 0.44p £8.80
OKI ES7131dnw A4 Mono Printer 0.26p £5.20
OKI ES8140dn A3 Mono Printer 0.54p £10.80
OKI ES7170dn A4 Mono Multi-Function Printer 0.26p £5.20