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Protect your investment  

Even on small multi-function printers you might think maintenance is not necessary "If it goes wrong I'll buy a new one" but when you consider new printer might be £400.00, then you have the cost of IT support setting it up, if it scans as well this will cost £200 and what about the spare toner cartridges for the old machine you can guarantee that they will not fit the new machine, the cartridges could have cost £300 - £400. So now on reflection paying £200 to fix the machine seems cheap.


We do our up most to ensure your product runs as reliably as possible, we do not offer guaranteed response times but endeavor to respond as soon as possible, this can be 45 minutes (next call) for dire emergencies's or for routine maintenance we will schedule an appointment at time when our presence will cause the least disruption.

“like a car, your printer or copier is only as reliable as the person servicing it”

“I feel the need to write to you to express my delight at the level of customer service I received from your team yesterday”

St Marys Chuch, Caterham

"Just a note to thank you for recommending and supplying us with the reconditioned multi-function printer; it has been a great addition to our office equipment and has/is working brilliantly"

London & Oriental, Guildford

How you choose to purchase the machine does not affect your maintenance options, you can have a cost per copy agreement, labour only annual cover or choose to pay for time & materials.