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Protect your investment 

Even on small multi-function printers you might think maintenance is not necessary "If it goes wrong I'll buy a new one" but when you consider new printer might be £400.00, then you have the cost of IT support setting it up, if it scans as well this will cost £200 and what about the spare toner cartridges for the old machine you can guarantee that they will not fit the new machine, the cartridges could have cost £300 - £400. So now on reflection paying £200 to fix the machine seems cheap.


We do our up most to ensure your product runs as reliably as possible, we do not offer guaranteed response times but endeavor to respond as soon as possible, this can be 45 minutes (next call) for dire emergencies's or for routine maintenance we will schedule an appointment at time when our presence will cause the least disruption.

“like a car, your printer or copier is only as reliable as the person servicing it”

“I feel the need to write to you to express my delight at the level of customer service I received from your team yesterday”

St Marys Chuch, Caterham

"Just a note to thank you for recommending and supplying us with the reconditioned multi-function printer; it has been a great addition to our office equipment and has/is working brilliantly"

London & Oriental, Guildford

How you choose to purchase the machine does not affect your maintenance options, you can have a cost per copy agreement, labour only annual cover or choose to pay for time & materials.

Time & Materials printer repairs


OKI ES8460 Multi-Function Printer On-site Repair Service (zone A)


We maintain any equipment on a time and materials basis at a cost £22.50 call out (includes 10 minutes labour) plus £35.00 per additional half hour.

Labour only annual agreements


OKI A4, A3 Multi-Function Printer On-site Repair Annual Support


Lots of new machines come with a 3 year spare parts warranty from the manufacturer we offer an annual labour only maintenance package to run along side the parts warranty:-

A4 machines up to 30 pages per minute £160.00 + vat per annum

A3 machines and A4 machines over 30 pages per minute £250.00 + vat per annum

NOTE:- If you purchase a new machine from us we will give a 50% discount on the first year.

Please note Printer annual maintenance retainer, this covers on-site labour involved with maintaining a printer for the duration of one year. This assumes that the client is using genuine consumables. Compatible Cartridges, we only support a machine using compatible cartridges supplied by us.


All Inclusive Rental / Maintenance Packages


Click here to visit our MC851, MC861 All Inclusive Rental / Maintenance Package page


Choose a monthly colour volume, that suits your useage (don't worry about being to precise as we will invoice any excess copies quarterly at the colour excess cost per copy price).

Note:- The more accurate you are (just opting for 500 a month, is the most expensive option) with your estimation, then the cheaper your running costs will be.

Choose a monthly Mono Black volume, that suits your usage (excess copies will be invoiced quarterly at black excess cost per copy price).

Add the monthly rental charge and you have an accurate costing for printing costs for the next 3 years.

What you get for your monthly payment:-

  • The use of a fully refurbished OKI MC851cdtn for 36 months*
  • All toner required**
  • On site printer repairs, no call out fees***
  • Any spare parts required****
  • A free replacement machine should yours prove troublesome.
  • Pricing as with buying Toners prices increase, our prices will increase at a rate of 8% per annum, to cover increases in supplies, labour and travelling costs.

Printer Maintenance agreements

You can opt for a cost per copy maintenance agreement. As the name implies you pay a cost per copy for example -

Black print is charged at 0.3p per A4 page

Colour print is charged at 2.7p per A4 page

With a cost per copy agreement DOS supply all labour, spare parts and consumable (excluding toner) free of charge.

We charge for toner as we feel this is the best way solution for both parties (see cautionary note below) toners are rated for 10,000 prints at 5% resolution, if you only use colour for a small letterhead you may get 20,000 prints out of a toner, but if you choose to print full page colour it will be considerably less. These values are based on colour prints (some manufacturers charge by the development, a development is a cyan, magenta or yellow scan. To print brown your meter will increase by three clicks as you need all three colours to make brown).

OKI ES8460 Toner Costs - Black £27.00, Colour £75.00

Caution - We are seeing and hearing of a lot of instances of people purchasing equipment on what appears to be very cheap maintenance agreements which include toner, the supplier states that toners will produce 40,000 images. After several months the clients receive a letter informing them that they are only achieving 10,000 copies per toner, the maintainers then increases the service charges by up to 400%, these are legally binding agreements and the client has no choice but pay the increased charges for the remaining four and half year duration of the agreement