Cost per Copy DOS Toners, How much will the printer cost to run?

An example of what 5% toner coverage of a page looks like, according to ISO 19752

  • Toner yields depend on the amount of print on each printed document.
  • The Printer industry measures toner yields, assuming 5% of the surface area of a sheet of A4 paper will be covered in print, see example opposite.
  • The page yield noted on a toner cartridge package are based on this ISO standard.
  • Industry research shows a coverage of 4% to 5% is the average for a black-and-white printed page.

The table below shows the running cost of toner, for a client who is producing 1,500 Black prints and 500 Colour prints at 5% coverage a month (equivalent to 4 reams of paper).  Column 6 shows the total cost of toner for the month. 

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Description Product Type Mono cost per page Colour cost per page Monthly Cost
OKI B401 2.5k A4 Mono Printer 1.05p £21.08
OKI B412dn 3.5k A4 Mono Printer 1.14p £22.80
OKI MC362dn A4 Colour MFP 0.96p 5.21p £40.53
OKI B411 A4 Mono Printer 0.74p £14.87
OKI B412dn 7k A4 Mono Printer 0.71p £14.27
OKI C531dn A4 Colour Printer 0.54p 2.7p £21.60
OKI C510dn A4 Colour Printer 0.54p 2.7p £21.60
OKI MC851dn A3 Colour MFP 0.52p 2.98p £22.70