Consumable Supplies for Sindoh MFP's & Printers


  • Sindoh Consumables held in stock at our Crawley Office 
  • Collect Sindoh Toner, Drums, Fusers and Transfer Belts from our Crawley Warehouse
  • We deliver Sindoh Consumables to  Sussex and Surrey, same day delivery
  • Reliable Nationwide deliveries next working day if ordered before 3.30pm
  • Nationwide deliveries up to 5.30pm if placed by telephone

Sindoh have invested significantly into the development of high clarity printer Toners Drums and effective cartridge systems – improving the quality of the prints and reducing the amount of wasted liquid. At Digital Office Solutions, we stock a wide range of Sindoh toners, drums and cartridges which have been designed to ensure maximum performance and cost effectiveness.

Our customer services team are available to help you find the Sindoh Toners Drums and cartridges best suited for your printer and specific needs. Whether you are buying in bulk for a busy professional office or buying a single replacement for a rarely-used home printer – we are more than happy to offer help and guidance.


Quality Print Jobs

All the Sindoh Toners Drums and toners have been designed and developed to work most effectively with Sindoh printers – helping the machine extract maximum ink and use from the consumable. Whilst off-brand alternatives may be cheaper than authentic Sindoh Toners Drums, these can be problematic and lead to long-term losses.

Quality Print Jobs

Alongside potentially poor quality print quality, cheap alternatives could damage the hardware of your printer – potentially causing irreversible problems and voiding the Sindoh warranty. At Digital Office Solutions, we have divided all the Sindoh Toner Cartridges into separate ranges to help you find the correct product for your printer. Our Sindoh Multifunction Printer Toner Cartridges are well-suited to the demands of a heavily-used, high-power all-in-one printer which may require a large volume of prints every month.

Printing in the Home or Office

Accommodating both professional and domestic print responsibilities; Digital Office Solutions offer a range of Sindoh Toner Cartridges with consistently high printout standards. The Sindoh Colour Printer Toner Cartridges can help users achieve photo-realistic prints which capture the subtle nuances of a photograph. Whether printing monochrome invoices for work or high-definition posters for the bedroom – the Sindoh range of toner cartridges never compromise quality.